Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Private CPA + Youtube Method For Newbies

Firstly a Disclaimer. I read this on a forum where I am a VIP, so I thought of sharing it here. Just as a way of generating ideas for anyone who wants to some ideas. So no Donate button here, just some free info coz I like to help out. Like I said, I do not take credit for writing this.

Ok here it goes

Some of you heard about these methods some of you didn't!!!
(Method 3 the best in my opinion made 137$ in 2 days)

Method 1
Download 50 youtube videos: funny accidents,funny videos,fail comliation,funny pranks and all that stuff.After you download the videos(i use YOUTUBE FREE DOWNLOADER 4.0 PRO) edit them with windows movie maker to change them a little bit so you will not have any problems with copyright.

After you edit the videos split them in 2 parts,make a power point window saying something like this: part 2 was removed by youtube because of violant and adult content(guys love that)!please clik the link bellow to watch part 2.

Add the power point window to the end of part 1 and upload it to youtube
So after you upload part 1 make a linklocker with part 2!!!

I have 5 videos since yestarday with 450 views in total and i got 71 cliks and 18 conversions!!! Not bad!!!
I advise you to upload more than 30 videos a day if you want to reach 50-60$ per day!!!

Method 2
This is very easy,get an IRON MAN 3 picture from the movie,copy paste the picture into windows movie maker and and make a movie as long as 1:40 minutes.
At the beggining of the movie,make a powerpoint window saying somthing like this: the movie was been removed by youtube,click the link bellow to watch full movie!!!Upload it to youtube.
Now put a linklocker in the discription of the movie that takes the user to the movie that he wants to watch!!!!

Method 3 (i made 137$ in 2 days with only 2 videos)
This is a hard method but this is going to work!!!!
Download a full movie( i recomend 1980-2005 movies because they don't have ID content)Movies like: THE ROCK,ANGER MANAGEMENT,BIG STAN etc,etc.....

Put the movie in windows movie maker and split it in 2 parts,make a powerpoint window saying somethong like this: please click the link bellow to watch part 2(the link will by offcourse a linklocker that takes the user to part 2 of the movie)
Put the powerpoint window at the end of part 1 and upload it to youtube!!!
Now this is the triky part: upload the second part on youtube and set it to private mod!!!after you upload the second part hide the link and put it into the discription of the part 1 of the movie!!!

You can see on youtube that are hundreds of full movies and nowone is taiking advantage of them.

One video(full movie has between 200000 and 1200000 views,now how much money is that)

I uplouded 2 movies 2 days ago and i got 270 cliks and 123 conversions!!!

The EPC is crazy because people will fill out your offer because they want to watch part 2 of the movie!!!