Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to rank your video in 1ST page after 24 hours

Uploading Your Video

• You can make manual rankings if you want more stable income
- or you can unlist method (unlist the video while uploading, SEO optimize the title and tags and after 24 hours or so make the video public

• Make the comment section as "anyone" for 24 hours so you can allow botted comments to come in
- make sure to turn them off because its one reasons why your video is removed. If you saw someone posted a comment "doesn't work" and dislikes the video trust me.. its your competitor trying to remove your video so turn off and make it "approve comments"

• make custom channel URL that is SEO Optimized
- make sure you make a channel URL that cointains your main keyword

• upload avatar/channel art (optional)
- its good for a little conv. increase


- Make Atleast 5 comments on your video
- Send atleast 1500 credits for views and mark it as "fast views" and then check the "send likes" check box so total credits you will spend is 3015 credits ( for likes , views and 5 comments )


You need huge amount of credits with this process because you will need 100% retention from them

I suggest you purchase EnhanceViews account. I saw one selling 500,000 credits for $5.

- send atleast 300 retention views (it will cost a lot of credits because I have a 2 minute video and it cost around 20k credits to get 300 retention views as I remembered)
- send 100 favorites
- send atlest 50 youtube likes "IMPORTANT" ( try to maintain atleast 30 views:1 like)
- send youtube subscribers and put a 20 minute delay on each one


you might be wondering why "mobile views?" the answer is to make it look natural. Yes it works and I can say its really good in rankings if you mixed it right.

- send 500 mobile views
- send favorites


now after atleast 24 hours make the video as public if you are using unlisted method and reply to botted comments like "thank you I'm glad that it works for you" or anything that will look like its legit